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We have worked hard to design the first phase of development to produce a variety of new homes which cater for the locally identified housing need. This will include smaller one- and two-bedroom homes, ideal for first time buyers and local residents who are looking to downsize, as well as larger three- and four-bedroom homes, which will be perfect for families.

Coloured Masterplan of RMA 2 & RMA 3

Coloured Masterplan of RMA 2 & RMA 3.jpg
Coloured Masterplan of RMA 2 & RMA 3.jpg

We have thought carefully about the layout of the development to ensure that it provides a safe and liveable space for future residents. Natural habitat, tree planting and social spaces are integrated throughout the sitewide infrastructure, which will ensure the site is attractive and provides habitats for locally important species. Active travel has been prioritised throughout the masterplan which will provide attractive spaces for people to walk and cycle, as well as play and meet with neighbours.

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