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Parking and transport

The masterplan has been devised to ensure a policy-compliant level of car parking throughout the development in consultation with the local highway authority.

The development will provide:


  • 550 parking spaces for residents

  • 89 visitor spaces


74% of the resident parking spaces will be provided on plot, with limited amounts of communal parking courts. The site will also benefit from a significant provision of rapid electric vehicle charging points.


On Plot: side of house

On Plot: in front of house


On Plot: Integrated garage parking

Parking at rear of the house

We want to ensure that active travel is promoted throughout the site, and have paid careful attention to the positioning of cycle parking to ensure that it is intuitive and easy to use, and have thought hard about how residents and visitors will store their bikes securely. The designs carefully consider the safety of cyclists throughout the development, and routes which prioritise cyclists have been designed to ensure the development is safe and accessible. The development will provide 803 cycle parking spaces for residents, whilst every house will also benefit from a visitor bike space at or near the entrance.


Full width bike garage located on the driveway

Secure transport stores
Transport stores must be set on or behind the building line, with a secure a gate.


Threshold cycle parking
Threshold store incorporated into front garden boundary for small home
requiring 2 cycle spaces or less

Integrated cycle storage
Cycles must be able to be removed easily without removing a car.

Secure cycle store to rear of the coach house
Must include paved access.

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