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  • Update 03 April 2023
    Essential road improvements, resurfacing and associated development works will be carried out on part of Cherry Hinton Road between 03 April and 14 April 2023. The work will take place from: · 08:00 to 18:00 on weekdays · 09:00 to 17:00 on Saturdays · 10:00 to 16:00 on Sundays. Traffic signals will be temporarily deployed to maintain through traffic on part of Cherry Hinton Road and Gazelle Way to the extent indicated by signs and barriers on site. Access will always be maintained for pedestrians throughout the works and businesses will be open as usual. Formal notice of the works has been submitted to Cambridgeshire County Council and will be inspected by the local authority throughout. We apologise for any disturbance that might be caused during these essential works. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.
  • Update 20th March 2023
    Necessary gas works will be taking place on the Springstead Village site from the 20 March through to the 10 April. Cadent will be undertaking venting work from the old and no longer required mains gas pipeline which runs through the site. The project team would like to reassure residents that the routine work will be undertaken with highly skilled and qualified personnel from Cadent overseeing the operation. The operation will take place three times over the three-week period, lasting approximately 15 minutes on each occasion. It is anticipated that the majority of local residents will not be disturbed as the works take place, however during the 15-inute period, you may hear or smell a small amount of gas which is a perfectly accepted consequence of the works. If you have questions or concerns you would like to raise, please feel free to get in touch.
  • Update 20 February 2023
    The Springstead Village project team are hosting an Open Doors event on Wednesday 15 March, from 10am to 1pm. The event will be of interest to anyone who is interested in careers in development and construction and is open to anyone over the age of 15. The Open Doors event invites young people and local residents to the Springstead Village development site to take part in a site tour which will explore the role of the developer, and how to take a piece of land and turn it into a development. To take part, please sign up before Tuesday 28 February. To find out more and sign up to the event, please visit: Cherry Hinton | Open Doors 2023
  • Update 02 February 2023
    Our team will shortly be undertaking a small amount of vegetation clearance along Teversham Drift and Coldhams Lane which will include removal of the hedgerow along the boundary of the site. The removal of the hedgerow on Teversham Drift is required to facilitate the foul drainage connection as approved in the development plans. We have positioned the new footway and cycle path through the development at the same position which will minimise the overall amount of vegetation clearance required. The removal of the hedgerow along Coldhams Lane is required to facilitate the construction of the junction at the site entrance as approved in the development plans. Importantly, we are ensuring that the removal of the hedgerow will be completed prior to the bird nesting season in order to protect local wildlife. New landscaping and vegetation planting will be delivered as the project is built out in accordance with the approved development plan.
  • Update 12 December 2022
    The reserved matters application for 351 homes at Springstead Village has now been validated by the Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service, with the reference number 22/05037/REM. We have worked hard to get the project to this point, and have been delighted with the local engagement and consultation which has helped inform our design plans. We firmly believe that Springstead Village will contribute positively to Cherry Hinton and the local area and look forward to working with the local planning authority, statutory consultees and local community going forward as we continue to progress the project. In addition, we are pleased to confirm that the Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service has granted permission for nine residential units on the site which will form the sales and marketing suites for the wider Springstead Village development as it is built out (reference number: 22/04037/REM).
  • Update 21 October 2022
    The project team have been working with local historians and other experts to uncover the history of the site. Through this work, we have decided to name the development Springstead Village. One of the interesting revelations which was highlighted through this process was that the area was formerly home to a water spring and the area of Cherry Hinton was responsible for a significant proportion of the water supply to Cambridge. We are pleased to be celebrating this local connection through this fitting name for the development site.
  • Update 19th October 2022
    The development team were pleased to mark an important project milestone, hosting an event to mark the opening of the project office at the Land North of Cherry Hinton site on Wednesday.
  • Update 31 August 2022
    Our reserved matters consultation has now closed. Thank you to everyone who submitted their comments and shared their views throughout the process. The project team will be collating and reviewing all feedback before submitting an application.
  • Update 09 August 2022
    Our reserved matters consultation is now live. You can view our proposals and leave feedback on this website. We will also be displaying the consultation materials at our in-person consultation event between 4pm and 8pm on Thursday 18th August at St Andrew’s Church in Cherry Hinton where you will also have the chance to meet the project team and ask questions. Further to this, we are hosting an online event on Monday 22nd August. You can join this event using the link at the time of the event.
  • Update 08 July 2022
    Key upcoming site activity taking place: Archaeology continuing Forming temporary entrance off Airport way Installing stone haul road Removal of contamination Project office works continuing
  • Update 22 June 2022
    Key upcoming site activity taking place: Archaeology work will be ongoing. Key works to facilitate construction of project office, including: Electrical and plumbing connection Roof and roof lining Cladding We are anticipating that work will begin soon on the ‘Junction One’ temporary construction access.
  • Update 22 May 2022
    Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill in our surveys and share their views on the development proposals. The survey is now closed, and we are now collating and analysing the results which will help to inform the final submission documents.
  • Update 7 April 2022
    Our second virtual workshop to discuss the open space and public art is taking place today. You can join using the link
  • Update 28 March 2022
    Our first virtual workshop to discuss the street scene is taking place today. You can join using the link
  • Update 22 March 2022
    The project team are seeking feedback from residents and the community on the public art, street scene and open space elements of the proposals. Please share your views by completing our survey using the link below:
  • Update 15 March 2022
    The design code consultation is now closed. Thank you to everyone who gave their feedback and attended our consultation events. We are now in the process of collating the feedback and preparing for the next phase of consultation.
  • Update 21 February 2022
    Our design code consultation is now live. You can view our proposed design code and submit your feedback on this website. The design code is an important document which sets out the illustrated design rules and requirements which will instruct and inform the physical development of the site, including important architectural and landscaping principles. We will also be running a virtual meeting on Monday 28 February, at 6.30pm, as well as an in-person consultation event at St Andrew's Church in Cherry Hinton on Wednesday 2 March, between 3pm and 6pm. At these events, you can learn more about our proposed design code and put your questions to the project team.
  • Update 7 February 2022
    Alongside the consultation activity which we are undertaking this Spring, it is anticipated that the project team will be presenting to the Cambridge East Community Forum on the following dates: 23 February 22 June 19 October
  • Update 31 January 2022
    Planning consent has been granted for a temporary access road. The access will be from Cherry Hinton Road, with consent being granted until the 31st December 2023. The planning application reference number is 21/03566/FUL.
  • Update 24 January 2022
    As some residents may be aware, a temporary compound has been constructed on the site.
  • Update 17 January 2022
    The project website has been updated with a new site location page showing the red-line boundary of the development. The map is also annotated with markers to show where the access points will be as well as other points of interest. This will be continually updated as the project progresses.
  • Update 7 January 2022
    The project team have launched this public website and will be updating it over the coming weeks and months as the development of Cherry Hinton North moves forward.

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