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Indicative Housetypes

Following our design principles, our architects have created a range of attractive and stylish new homes to feature throughout the site. We have ensured that our homes are sympathetic to the surrounding area, and provide for a range of buyers. High quality materials have been selected on all buildings, and the variety of housetypes will ensure that the development is attractive and visually interesting.

4B Arkwright Plan & Axo.jpg

4B Plan & Axo

4B Townhouse Plan and Axo .jpg

4B Plan and Axo

4B house plan_edited.jpg

4B Indicative Home Plan

3B Framer Plan & Axo .jpg

3B Plan & Axo

3B coach house_Page_01.jpg

3B Plan and Axo

2B Coiner Plan & Axo .jpg

2B Plan & Axo

2B Coach House Plan and Axo.jpg

2B Plan and Axo

2B extra housetype_edited.jpg

2B Plan and Axo

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