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Streets and public spaces

Streets not roads

Streets will be part of the “Living Infrastructure”. The heart of our approach to public space will be good street design that creates space for people and nature.

Neighbourhood squares will provide a leafy heart to each small neighbourhood, creating attractive green places to enjoy with the family, friends and neighbours a short walk from every home – the largest of which will be the new village green at the heart of the site.

Space for people

The development will have low-speed, tree-lined, streets and cycle lanes forming a network of routes. All the streets will prioritise walking, cycling and the use of public transport, over car use. These streets will be designed to encourage social interaction, with focal points for people including places to sit and doorstep play.


EV strategy

All the planned homes will include charging for electric vehicles. Rapid charging hubs will also be provided at key locations throughout the development, for the use of both residents and non-residents.

All charging equipment will be carefully located to not clutter the street, making sure that pavements and roads are not disrupted by trailing wires.

Family Focal points_300x.png

Family of focal points

Our landscape is precious, and we will use space carefully. The use of compact, coherent, designs, based on traditional close-knit networks of streets, will help keep walking distances short, sociable, and memorable.

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